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Let’s talk about how I can help your team work more effectively, better leverage your marketing investments, and help you tackle big marketing goals.

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I know you're feeling...

  • Like you’re ready to quit playing whack-a-mole with marketing 
  • That you could be a more inspiring and strategic leader if you had more time
  • Wondering if you are realizing value from your marketing investments (brand, platforms and tools, content and social media, website)

I help you...

  • Establish processes and systems that optimize marketing workflows and automations, giving you – and your team – back valuable time
  • Align your marketing efforts to your strategy and brand
  • Establish analytics and metrics that matter (and a way to monitor them), so that you can make decisions that are data-driven and strategic
  • Realize more ROI on your marketing investments
  • Develop automations and alignment that creates flow and efficiency between your marketing team members, key stakeholders, and agency partners
  • Tackle big marketing goals to grow your business

Short-term, hands-on expertise for long-term growth

We don’t have to work together forever for the results to propel your marketing team and business well into the future. 

And, you don’t have to start all over.

Let me help you leverage what you have built to establish the structure and systems to enable your marketing team to work more efficiently, and to enable long-term growth.

“[Stephanie] is living proof that someone can run a business without feeling like you are constantly drowning.”

Stephanie was exactly who I needed at a critical time in my business. Her calm, organized methodology was a pleasant contrast to my disorganized chaos! She listened and asked the right questions, then formulated a plan. I am so grateful I found her when I did.  It feels so good to have room to breathe now that things are more organized.
Gracias Stephanie!!

Christine V.
Owner, I Heart Spanish

Project and Change Management |
Transformation Consulting

Through the lens of a strategic goal, we conduct an assessment of your team (from structure, to processes, tools, and ways of working) to understand your readiness to successfully achieve that goal.

From there, we develop a tailored approach for your team (including a project plan and necessary processes, systems, and metrics), to enable the desired transformation.

I can then continue to serve the team as a project manager and change management coach through implementation.

  • Have a clear strategy on what you need to accomplish a big goal
  • Scope and plan resources for a major initiative or transformation
  • option for project management and change management services

Custom pricing based on size and scope, available on an hourly basis or as a package

Process Mapping, Automation, and Metrics

If you or your team are spending too much time shuffling work, doing administrative tasks, or are unable to bring on new team members or agency partners with ease, your processes and automations need love.
Working with your team, we identify key processes and go deep.
We get the core knowledge out of team members’ minds and document it. From there, we map the process to identify opportunities to streamline and automate, define how the process will be managed, and identify key performance indicators and metrics.

  • Go from chaos to order
  • Reduce hands-on task management
  • Start measuring metrics that matter
  • Implement automations and gain efficiency

Pricing based on the number of processes to map, complexity, and team/business size.


Marketing Systems Assessment and Strategy

Are your systems and processes a mess – or maybe just largely unknown?

Are you wondering how to get more value from the investment you have already made?

I will review your systems, processes, and analytics, and provide recommendations for actionable improvements to drive effectiveness and transparency.

  • Get clarity on how work gets done (and how to optimize workflows to enable growth)
  • Learn how you can leverage existing investments for better roi
  • reclaim time for yourself and your team

Pricing based on complexity and team/business size.


“Stephanie understands how an effective and successful marketing team should be structured and operate.”

Stephanie is able to look at things from a broader point view. She identifies all the moving pieces needed to achieve a big goal or project, and then has the breadth of experience to dive in deep to optimize each part to see the initiative through successfully.

Armeen A., Marketing Analyst

How it works

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we work together

I’ll work with you and your team, as outlined in our scope, to help you improve effectiveness and accomplish a strategic goal (and more!)


We’ll close your project with a report of achievement against objectives, and a  recommendation for ongoing actions and key metrics.

Your team will be better equipped to tackle big things, and you’ll gain back the time you need.