Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I help leaders who are sick of playing “whack-a-mole” create organization in their marketing and empower their team, so they can focus on tackling big ideas and being a strategic leader.

You’ve tried weekly meetings, project management tools (Teamwork, anyone?), and trying to hire more team members. But that created more work for you.

I know that sinking feeling when someone pops into chat with a *quick question*. Or, what it’s like to look at your calendar in the morning and wondering when you’re going to get any “real” work done. I know what it’s like to feel your job is Groundhog Day.

And I love to build the scaffolding that helps your team accomplish big things, work more independently, improve effectiveness, and helps you measure the right things so you can be more strategic.

Almost 20 years experience across disciplines and industries

I have been building high-performing marketing teams for a long time – ranging from my role as  a trainer, to serving as an organizational development consultant for marketing teams, to actually being a marketer and marketing leader myself.

Professional certifications that matter

I have a project management certificate from Loyola University. I’m am a certified trainer for Franklin Covey’s Helping Clients Succeed consulting framework. I’m also a certified organizational development professional and change management facilitator.

These certifications demonstrate my ability to break down big ideas into the key factors, actions, and behaviors needed for success.

And I have the project management and people skills to see it through.

Local, global, and across the marketing spectrum

I’ve played key roles in massive transformations with up to 850 global  marketers, plus agency partners, and have built teams from the ground-up.
These transformations include re-brands, tech implementations, and activation of  brand development and marketing frameworks (and I’ve received awards for my role in these transformations).

All that to say I have strategic perspective AND understand what it takes to get the work done.

I engage your team and key stakeholders in a way that makes everyone feel like their time and expertise is valued.

I drive for clarity and  accountability, with an eye on metrics, to deliver meaningful results for the business.

And I focus on systems and processes that enable repeatable activities to become more automated, measurable, and that improve overall quality of your marketing efforts.

On a final (mostly personal) note...

  • I love personality tests (but I rarely remember the results and end up taking the same ones over and over) 
  • My sons and I lived in our camper for a summer while we moved cross-country (and it was a huge dream of mine for years before it came true!)

  • I firmly believe that as long as the dishes get clean, there is no WRONG way to load a dishwasher.

  • I consider myself the queen of figuring stuff out.

  • I LOVE food and culinary business!  I started a meal kit subscription box company, self-published a magazine (about food!), and am a professional recipe developer and food photographer for four  major food websites.

  • And my kids are a lot bigger now than in this picture!