Senior Marketing Consultant

Help your team accomplish more and be more organized through
process optimization, project management, and team engagement.

Signs you need support

You – and your team – are juggling too many things (and just waiting for something to drop).

You’ve tried weekly meetings, project management tools, and hiring more team members. But that all just created more work.

You have an exciting new offering or campaign, a revamped brand, or marketing technology sitting on the sidelines just waiting for your attention.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

I’ve led and supported marketing teams through rapid growth and transformation throughout my career – as a project manager, a people leader, and a change agent.

While each transformation is unique, some things are consistent – like that sinking feeling when you think of something else coming your way. Or what it’s like to look at your calendar and wonder when you’ll get any “real” work done.

The great news?  There are also consistent, tried-and-true methods to bring order to your marketing team, which improves effectiveness, creates space for implementing big ideas, and helps better measure results.

Whether you’re struggling to handle everything that’s being thrown at your team, in the midst of a company-wide change, trying to figure make the most of a huge investment (new strategy, brand, or technology?), or just trying to get organized so you can focus on being a great leader, let’s connect.

“Stephanie is a strategist that knows what it takes to execute.”

Stephanie gets to the heart of the matter and helps teams articulate their needs and barriers to reaching them. She has a straight-forward, common sense, data-driven approach that elicits trust. She brings a track record change management and successful results to aid organizations in improving the overall performance of their teams.

Zoe S., Corporate and Nonprofit Marketing Executive

Marketing Systems Assessment and Strategy

If your systems and processes a mess – or maybe just largely unknown – we can fix that.

If you’ve made an investment in marketing – maybe brand development, content, website, or tool – and you are trying to get the most value from that investment, I can help with that, too.

Process Mapping, Management, and Metrics

If you spend most of your time shuffling work between team members, agency partners, and colleagues, focusing on your processes and systems can give you the time to get back into your role as a leader.

Implementation Strategy and/or Management

A big vision requires big plans.  If you have a large vision or transformation on your horizon, but don’t know where to start with implementation (or just don’t have the time), I’m here to help.